Frequently asked question

Is TAG Gluten-Free?

Yes, TAG is made from 100% Ontario corn. It has never been in contact with wheat gluten.

Aren’t all vodkas gluten-free?

No, Many vodkas are made from wheat. They can contain trace amounts. You shouldn’t take a chance with vodkas like Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Absolut or Soli if it’s a concern.

When and why did you start Maverick Distillery?

We founded in 2009 with a dedication to bring quality craft spirits to the vodka, whisky and gin categories. Our goal is to revive the independent spirit of Canada.

Who owns Maverick Distillery?

We are an independent Canadian distillery started and owned to this day by the Peters family based in Oakville, Ontario. 

How did you get into Whisky?

Our founder Craig Peters has a long standing love for whiskies and saw a need for an independent whisky. While there are many great Canadian whiskies, they are all owned by multinationals. We really saw an opportunity. It’s a long term play we started a few years ago.

Are you bringing out more types of whiskies?

Yes. All in good time.

What makes a great vodka?

A commitment to making small batches to the highest level of purity. TAG is known for its clean nose and smooth taste. Large brands like Smirnoff and Absolut are made by big corporations in big industrial distilleries and just can’t give it the time and attention that we can.

Why is TAG so good?

It’s made from sweet corn. Corn makes a sensational vodka. We also use some of the world’s finest water and filter it through reverse osmosis for good measure. Lastly, we filter it for days through birch charcoal which removes the nasty parts like the rubbing alcohol smell you find with most other vodkas. This is the nasty stuff that gives folks a hangover.

Is TAG hangover free?

We absolutely think so. TAG is possibly the purest vodka in the world. We’ve been testing this theory on humans for years and generally find they are “dust-free” the next day as long as folks don’t mix wines, beers and whiskies during the same occasion.

Where do you sell TAG and BARNBURNER?

Most is sold in Ontario through the LCBO. We’re the largest craft distillery by volume in Canada.

Has TAG won awards?

Yes, we won a Gold Medal at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco. It was a pretty big deal for us, and confirmed our quality in the market.

Why are some TAG bottles PET plastic?

There are several advantages to PET. It’s unbreakable and lighter weight than glass. PET is proven safe for spirit brands and has been used for decades. Our PET bottles are proudly made in Ontario, and have a much lower carbon footprint than glass. We’re always working to lower our carbon footprint!  While we plan to keep our 750ml sizes in glass, we hope the LCBO allows us to bring out a PET version at sometime in future giving our customers a choice.

Employment opportunities?

Sorry, no open positions at this time.

Will you be infusing cannabis into alcohol beverages?

Not on our shift. Government also prohibits this. Cannabis-infused drinks will be a completely separate line of products made by licensed producers only.